Agricultural Contracting

For over 40 years Glenn Logan has been in agricultural contract farming, so there’s no problem he hasn’t seen, and no problem Logan Contracting can’t solve for you.

We offer a range of farm contracting services including effluent management, crop cultivation, soil rejuvenation and more.

Pit Silage

Our two Bulk silage teams, lead by our John Deere 9700i Forage Harvesters feature the latest equipment for your forage. With trailers equipped with on-board scales, our pit silage services ensure optimal preservation, giving your livestock the best quality feed year-round. Trust in our expertise to deliver top-notch pit silage solutions tailored to your farm.


Mazie how amazing in maize, Mazie is a versatile crop that can grow in a variety of climates and soils, we offer precision planting with liquid application as well as a gradual fertilizer in one pass.
Ground preparation is one of the major key factors to help grow a good crop, there for we offer many different options in ground prep, we offer rotary strip till machine which can do 2 different applications of fertiliser one deep for later on for the corn plant and the other up top for early growing stage,
Also offer deep ripping, discing, power harrowing, fertiliser spreading as well as different ways of growing maize.

Hay and Silage Services

Logan Contracting offer a wide variety of services to meet your hay and silage needs. Whether it be Round Baling or Large Square Baling, Mowing Conditioning, Teddering, Raking or Wrapping, we have the latest equipment for the job.


Windrowing is use for a few different jobs around your farm cutting hay with the mower front has a roller conditioner to crimp the storks of the hay, the draper front can be used for cutting straw after the header, can also cut canola with the draper front.

Effluent Management

Effluent management in agriculture is vital to the health of your soil and groundwater, as a poor effluent system can result in contamination. Logan Contracting provides effluent pumping and effluent spreading, allowing you to have peace of mind and reap the benefits of irrigating with the waste. Contact us for a chat about your farm!


Cultivating the land sets the stage for a successful harvest. From power harrowing to discing, and deep ripping, our team employs a range of precision techniques tailored to your soil's needs. Let Logan Contracting prepare your fields for optimum growth and yields


Seeds are the future of your farm, and they deserve the best start. Our direct drilling services ensure that your seeds are sown at the perfect depth and spacing, promoting robust growth and maximizing yield potentials. Entrust your sowing process to the experts at Logan Contracting.

Compost Fertiliser and Lime Spreading

Healthy soils produce healthy crops. Our spreading services deliver the essential nutrients your land needs. Whether it's compost to improve soil structure, fertiliser for vital nutrients, or lime to balance pH levels, Logan Contracting has the expertise to enrich your soils for optimum crop health.


The health and productivity of your crops can be heavily influenced by pests, diseases, and weeds. At Logan Contracting, we bring precise, efficient, and responsible spraying solutions to the table. Harnessing the latest in technology and agronomic insights, our spraying services ensure that your crops get the protection they need while safeguarding the surrounding environment. Partner with us for optimal crop health and yields.

Rock Picking

A field riddled with rocks can be a hindrance to farming machinery and can impede crop growth. Our rock picking services at Logan Contracting are designed to meticulously clear your fields, ensuring smoother operations and better soil health. Utilizing advanced equipment and techniques, we remove these obstacles, setting the stage for an unimpeded and successful cultivation process. Invest in a rock-free foundation with Logan Contracting's expert touch.